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5th Graders making their class cookbooks

About Classroom Publishing

Our purpose is to support teachers, parents, and students in their efforts to improve reading and writing through publishing.

Our classroom bookbinding designs have evolved out of research in classrooms, summer camps, and teacher training sessions conducted over a twelve-year period. Publishing is an exciting learning experience for all students, with vital roles and responsibilities for students of varying interests and abilities.

Our special thanks to Classroom Publishing founder Joseph Moses, Ph.D.; Joe is a lecturer at the University of Minnesota where he teaches critical reading and writing about globalization, community learning and civic engagement. He is former program coordinator and curriculum writer for Minnesota Early Learning Design (MELD), a nonprofit agency that develops culture-specific curricula for parent education groups. He is no longer directly involved with the day-to-day operations of Classroom Publishing, however he still serves as a salesman emeritus.

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